Q: How do I make a cash payment for my order?
A: For phone orders, tell the Union Supply customer representative that you would like to make an ACE Cash Express payment.  The representative will provide you with the information you need to make your ACE cash payment at the closest location. For web orders, select “Cash Payment at ACE Cash Express” when you check out. Click the “Store Locator” link to find the ACE Cash Express location closest to you. Print your order summary page to bring with you when you make your payment.
Q: Where can I find an ACE Cash Express? store?
  Store locations are provided on the ACE Cash Express website at Enter your zip code and the closest locations to you will appear with an address to the ACE Cash Express store.
Q: What are the charges to utilize the ACE Cash Express option?
There is a $3.00 ACE Cash Express service fee per payment that will be applied to the total cost of your order.
Q: What do I need to provide the ACE Cash Express store associate to make my payment?
  Inform the store associate at ACE Cash Express that you are making a Union Supply payment and provide the Order Reference (Sales Order) Number, Exact Dollar Amount of the Order, PIOC ID# and PIOC’s Last Name.  Make a payment exactly the dollar amount due for the order, plus a $3.00 ACE Cash Express fee per payment.
Q: What happens if I do not have a reference number?
  You will need to supply an Order Reference (or Sales Order) Number to ACE Cash Express  in order to make a cash payment.  You can contact Union Supply Customer Service at or call (562)361-5706 to obtain the information needed. 
Q: Do I need all four reference requirements to a make a payment?
Yes, if you do not provide all four reference requirements, ACE Cash Express will not be permitted to process the payment.  Required information to make a cash payment are:  the Order Reference (Sales Order) Number, Exact Dollar Amount of the Order, PIOC ID# and PIOC’s Last Name.
Q: Can I add money to the PIOC account using Union Supply Group?
No, this cash payment service is only to make payments on special programs offered through Union Supply Direct.  Please contact the facility to inquire about adding funds to the PIOC’s trust account.
Q: Once I make a payment, how long will it take to apply the payment to my order?
  Payments made at ACE Cash Express will post within 2 business days.  Please note that payments are processed during weekdays only.  Payments made during the weekend will post to the order by Wednesday of the following week.  
Q: What happens to the funds if my package is refused or returned?
All refunds will be processed by Union Supply Group, and a check will be mailed to the customer’s address on file for the order.
Q: Who do I contact for a refund?
Contact Union Supply Group for any refund inquiries at (562)361-5706. Union Supply Group will process and handle all inquiries about cash payment refunds.
Q: How long will it take for me to receive my refund check?
Refund checks are typically sent within 3 business days of order cancellation.
Q: How can I track my payment?
Please allow 2 business days after making your payment to contact Union Supply Group. You can email  our Customer Service Department at or call (562)361-5706.
Q: Can I do a split payment type on my order?
Yes, but please be advised you will incur additional fees, as ACE Cash Express charges a $3.00 service fee per payment.  
Q: Can multiple people pay for one order?  Who gets the refund?
Yes, multiple people are allowed to pay for one order.  Refunds will be sent to the customer on record with Union Supply Group.
Q: How do I cancel an existing order?
You can email our Customer Service Department or call (562)361-5706 to cancel your order.
Q: Who provides the invoice for the shipment?
The customer on file for the order will receive an invoice by mail or email.
Q: How do I modify my order?
  The customer on file for the order can contact Union Supply Group to modify the order.
Q: Can ACE Cash Express call Union Supply Group to make order modifications for me?
: No, ACE Cash Express serves as a cash payment processor only.
Q: Can ACE Cash Express call to cancel my order?
No, ACE Cash Express serves as a cash payment processor only.
Q: What if I am making multiple payments? How long do I have to pay off my order?
A: Your order will be held until full payment is made.  If payment is not received within 10 days, your order will be cancelled.